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How to Contact a Representative at Yahoo?

Like you, the business experts at Yahoo are occupied individuals, so connecting with them may not be exceptionally simple. In any case, you don't need to depend just on sending messages by means of an online contact structure to an anonymous individual some place at a Yahoo Customer Service focus - in spite of the fact that that is one alternative - in light of the fact that there are numerous approaches to contact a delegate at Yahoo. Your technique will rely upon your purpose behind reaching Yahoo and whom, precisely, it is that you need to reach.

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1. Visit Yahoo's homepage (link in Resources) and click "Help," located under the heading "About Yahoo."

2. Click the "Contact Us" tab, then click on the category that best relates to your inquiry.

3. Follow the onscreen prompts until either you find your answer or are given more information about how to contact a Yahoo representative via an online form.


Phone, Email or Snail Mail


Contact a representative Yahoo's corporate headquarters. Call Yahoo's customer care phone number .

2. Compose an email that briefly describes your inquiry or concern, and send it to a representative at Yahoo's general customer service

3. Compose a brief, professional letter describing your inquiry or concern. Address it to "Customer Care" and send it to Yahoo 463 Fensalir Ave Pleasant Hill, CA 94523.

Contact a Specific Yahoo executive

1. Peruse Yahoo's list of leading executives (link in Resources) and determine who would be the best executive to help you with your question or concern.

2. Compose a letter to or phone the executive. Use the telephone number or address mentioned in Section 2. Address the letter specifically to that executive, or ask specifically for this executive in the phone call.

3. Send an email to the executive. Because leading executives don't often disclose their email addresses, first determine Yahoo's general email address format. According to press releases cited on Yahoo's News Center page, that format is the first name followed by the last name's initial, and ending with email.


For more serious matters involving Yahoo's business practices or financial statements, contact the board of directors via mail at the following address:

463 Fensalir Ave Pleasant Hill, CA 94523


If you plan to contact the board of directors, first consider the following company statement: "The corporate secretary will not forward or respond to junk mail, job inquiries, business solicitations, complaints by users or customers with respect to ordinary course of business customer service, offensive or otherwise inappropriate materials."

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